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How Community Living Can Eliminate the Need for Winter Home Maintenance

While viewing a snow-covered lawn from your kitchen window may be among the benefits of home ownership, the prospect of dealing with home maintenance during this time of year isn’t. 

As we get older, the everyday tasks associated with owning a home during the winter become increasingly labor-intensive, which can take a toll on us physically and mentally. The good news is that there is an alternative. More and more older adults are choosing to reside in senior living communities that offer a maintenance-free lifestyle.  

Discover more about how retiring to an independent living community like Friendship Village of Bloomington eliminates the challenges of home maintenance.

The Challenges of Winter Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home during the winter months is difficult at any age, but older adults face unique challenges. There are a few areas of your home that you may want to hire specialized help to complete, as they pose the most risks and challenges to older adults. Pay special attention to the following areas if you continue to choose to reside at home.

Roofs and Gutters

Damaged roofs and clogged gutters can lead to compounding problems during the winter season. As temperatures drop, water trapped there can freeze and expand, causing stress on gutters and downspouts. Maintenance on roofs and gutters is vital, but does pose risks, as it will require extended working time while on a ladder or balanced precariously on an uneven surface. 

If you notice roof or gutter issues during a visual inspection, reach out for help from friends and family, or hire a professional to take care of these tasks.

Stairs and Pathways

Slips and falls account for over a million injuries each year, with most of those injuries occurring during the winter season. You will want to inspect and maintain exterior steps and pathways to ensure they are in good repair and free of ice.  

In general, you will want to do a visual inspection for cracks or unevenness and test the stability of hand railings. You can also use an awl or screwdriver to test for rot in wooden steps or walkways.  

Also check the interior of your home for cracked tile or wrinkled carpets. Ensure all area rugs are secure. If necessary, call a flooring professional to fix any issues with steps, paths, walkways, or other areas that require specialized skills to address.

How Community Living Eliminates Winter Maintenance 

Here are some of the ways community living can alleviate both home maintenance responsibilities and other winter-specific concerns during the season.

  • Maintenance-free lifestyle. Not only is winter maintenance taken care of at a community, but service and repairs to your home are also included. 
  • Transportation. Driving during inclement weather can be both dangerous and mentally taxing. At a senior living community, transportation is often provided.
  • Socialization opportunities. Living in a retirement community means never having to brave winter road conditions for a social engagement. Instead, you can take advantage of events and activities with like-minded seniors who live in the same community.

Live Comfortably Year Round at Friendship Village of Bloomington

The winter season always feels just a little brighter and warmer here at Friendship Village of Bloomington. Come and explore our community, which offers all the benefits of small-town living while being in close proximity to the entertainment and dining options of nearby Minneapolis. Additionally, our community has a variety of exceptional accommodations and amenities, from multiple dining venues to a 17,000 sq.-ft. fitness center. 

If you’d like to learn more about Friendship Village of Bloomington for yourself or a loved one, contact us

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