At Friendship Village of Bloomington, residents like to keep busy by attending events, pursuing personal goals, or just catching up with family and friends. To keep up to date on the latest events, check back here often. We’ll have stories about everything going on at Friendship Village and within senior living.

8 Easy Holiday Recipes for Seniors

Cooking during the holidays is an enjoyable experience. However, we don’t all have the dexterity or patience to pull off impressive culinary feats in the kitchen. We’ve gathered some recommendations …

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Do you qualify for respite care?

Caregiving can be as physically and emotionally demanding as it is rewarding. For both your sake and the sake of the friend or family member you’re providing for, you need …

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8 Health Benefits of Golf

1. Golf gets you outside. A golf course may be as large as 200 acres. Just being in nature provides health benefits for the mind and body. Research has shown …

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