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Life at Friendship Village of Bloomington

Life, balanced so you thrive.

Live well, with the balanced lifestyle of FitSix®, the wellness program of Lifespace Communities, Inc.® We’ve centered it in our spectacular new Fitness Center and woven it into the fabric of daily living, ensuring healthy living, a pervasive sense of well-roundedness and thriving lives.

Social. Interact. Harmonize. Grow your circle of friends.
Physical. Improve balance, mobility, endurance and strength.
Vocational. Serve. Share. Lead. You and your talents are useful.
Intellectual. Expand your mind with mentally stimulating challenges.
Spiritual. Connect with your heart and find harmony with the universe.
Emotional. Manage your responses to life’s ups and downs. Build optimism.

Discover the Minneapolis-St. Paul-area’s integrated senior wellness program.

Take a look at our online brochure or contact us for more information.