Everyone knows your name.

It’s always nice to enjoy a meal in a restaurant where you know the crowd and they know you. A place where they call you by name and know your preferences. Not only where the chef knows just how you like your steak or fish prepared, but the server knows when your favorite pie is on the menu and holds a slice back — just for you. And everywhere you turn, you see a friendly face welcoming you to the table. That’s how meals are shared at Friendship Village, where our talented culinary team crafts healthy, locally inspired dishes and socializing is always on the menu.

Meet friends for lunch, dinner or drinks at multiple dining venues.

  • Dining rooms: Enjoy restaurant-style dining in two venues served by our attentive and talented culinary team. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our most popular venue. Dinner is available at two of our restaurants, because at the end of the day, you deserve a choice evening.
  • Fruit n' Nut Cafe: Stop in for coffee or grab something to eat on the go.
  • Lounge: Meet friends for drinks before dinner or heading out on the town.

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