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How to Discuss Your Move to a Senior Living Community with Your Adult Children

The conversation with adult children about transitioning to a senior living community can be difficult. Because the move is a significant lifestyle change, some adult children will have concerns or questions. This guide is designed to make approaching this delicate conversation easier. Leading with empathy, transparency, and collaboration, use these tips to create a positive shared vision for you and your family. 

Understanding and Addressing Family Concerns

Adult children may have a wide range of concerns when they first learn about your plans to move to a senior living community. These concerns can range from changes in family dynamics or routines, to how your new home will best serve your needs. 

Opening the conversation by affirming their feelings paves the way for a productive and positive conversation. If your family has specific concerns that you can address, doing so in a straightforward and honest manner is a great approach. 

Living Independently as a Senior

Here are some things to remember as you begin your discussion about this transition. 

Share with your adult children that senior living communities are designed with the needs and wants of their residents in mind. Communities can enhance your independence by offering support when you need it, and the flexibility you desire to adapt to your evolving lifestyle as you wish.

Senior Well-Being in Retirement

Sharing how senior living communities can have a positive impact on your emotional and mental health can help better frame the conversation with your loved ones. Part of the reason you’re making this choice is because you’ve found a supportive community that has a plethora of options to foster new social connections, explore new interests and spend more time with hobbies you love. 

Be open to discussing how this move will proactively help you maintain and bolster your happiness while allowing you to expand your social and experiential horizons.

Senior Independence

If this is the first time you’re discussing your potential move with your adult children, they may have concerns centered around a common misconception about senior living communities: that making the move means saying goodbye to your independence. While these concerns come from a place of love, they should know that a high quality senior community will have amenities and services in place to encourage your independence rather than hindering it. 

Thriving in Retirement

Above all, it can be most helpful to share with your family that this decision stems from your desire to make the most of this time in your life. You have a blank slate of opportunities in front of you, and becoming a resident at a senior living community is an excellent way to maximize your renewed ability to focus on yourself. 

By focusing on wellness, personal development, and community engagement, independent living communities offer many resources to enrich your daily life.

Quality of Life

Invite your children to be part of the decision by sharing with them the impressive care and lifestyle services available at a luxury retirement community. From personalized wellness plans to round-the-clock staff availability; resort-style amenities to community features that support pursuing your passions, your ideal lifestyle is easy to create. Sharing this with your children allows them to see your vision more clearly. 

For many adult children, concerns about your level of care can come to the forefront when a move like this is discussed. Giving them a better understanding of the quality of life you’ll lead can ease those primary concerns. 

Maintaining Family Connections

Senior living communities understand that family is important, and a high quality community will provide opportunities and areas for maintaining those connections. With communal spaces available for hosting holidays or get-togethers, family-friendly events, and offering accommodations for visiting family members, you can create wonderful new memories with your children in your new home.

Practical Considerations for a Senior Living Transition

From financial planning to the logistics of moving, helping your loved ones understand the essential considerations you’ll take can make the transition to senior living much more enjoyable. 

Senior Living Cost Concerns

Work with your family to break down and understand the long term benefits of moving to a senior living community, and help them understand where the investment is going.  

Getting Comfortable When Moving to Senior Living

Most of the time, your children’s concerns may stem from a lack of understanding. The narrative on senior living communities at large can leave much to be desired, despite how untrue that narrative is.

That’s why it’s so important to provide them with a detailed overview of what is offered at the community you’re interested in. What lifestyle does it promote? What activities does it provide? What are the amenities really like? This information can dispel fears and get your loved ones much more comfortable with your move. 

Consider scheduling a visit together, so you can show them what your daily life will look like, and you can invite them fully into your vision. Through this tangible experience, they can come to understand why this move is the right choice for you

Come Together for Your Future at Friendship Village of Bloomington

Moving to a senior living community like Friendship Village of Bloomington is a big decision. It’s about choosing a lifestyle that puts your well-being, desires, and independence first. 

Imagine living in a community with its very own Medalist Concert Band, with exciting events like silent auctions to support your favorite charities, classes to indulge in your artistic aspirations, and fine dining options that make card club a little more exciting. Friendship Village of Bloomington offers all this and more.

We want you and your loved ones to feel confident in this transition. Contact us to learn more and determine the best step forward for wherever you’re at in the decision making process.

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