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5 Things Senior Living Residents Wish They Knew Before the Move

Deciding to move into a senior living community is a big decision. While you shouldn’t rush things, a common sentiment among senior living residents is that they wished they had moved in sooner.

Here, in their own words, are five things that residents of our community, Friendship Village of Bloomington, wished they knew before the move.

1. You’ll Have Fewer Day-to-Day Worries

Many of us take great pride in maintaining and upgrading a home, but as the years go on, the laundry list of chores and repairs can seem like more of a burden than a privilege.

“When you’re living in a house, a lot of times you’re doing yard work… and doing all that repair work,” resident Larry Enerson says. “And the older you get, the tougher that gets. There’s a point where you [shouldn’t] go up on the roof anymore.”

Many senior living communities offer residents weekly housekeeping and linen services, on-call 24/7 maintenance, delicious dining options, and so much more.

2. It’s a Smart Financial Decision

Moving into a senior living community can be a smart financial decision, depending on the community and your preferred lifestyle. A Life Care community like Friendship Village of Bloomington offers on-site health services at predictable rates, if they are ever needed.

“You don’t like to think anything is ever going to happen to you, or that you’re ever going to need it, but it’s like any other insurance policy: You don’t want to use it, but it’s good to know it’s there if you need it,” resident Jan Enerson says. “We wanted to have a plan instead of taking chances and not knowing where we were going to end up.”

Choosing where you will receive care, and how it will be accounted for, offers stability and predictability. The cost of health services can quickly add up if you’re paying market rates.

3. Finding Motivation Is Easier

Community living means that you will be neighbors with motivated individuals who have a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Surrounding yourself with people who are actively pursuing their preferred skills and hobbies can be both motivating and energizing.

“I am very busy in a musician’s world,” resident Janie Horn says. “The joy of playing has not been anything that I had to give up. It still continues right here… I [also] teach Total Brain Health and I’m in the process of becoming a certified brain instructor!”

No matter what energizes you—senior living can help you explore it among like-minded neighbors.

4. There’s Always Something to Do

When you move into the right senior living community, every day is a new adventure. Whether you’re tending to your personal garden, practicing your golf swing, or joining friends for a painting class, there’s always some type of fun to be had and people to enjoy it with.

“The programming opportunities [the community] provides are excellent,” resident Donna Roe says. “They give us the physical activities we need, the mental activities we need, spiritual, too—[together these activities] treat the whole body beautifully.”

Whether you’re looking to recharge your mind, body, or spirit, opportunities abound.

5. Senior Living Is Energizing

The move to a senior living community can be a truly life-changing experience that redefines your expectations for what comes next. But don’t take our word for it. Our residents say it best.

“My perception of aging has changed a hundred percent [since moving in here],” resident Virginia Olson says. “I thought if I went into a senior community, I would become old fast right away. And just the opposite is true. So many good things happen here that I would have missed out on if I had stayed alone in my house. My life would not be as rich as it is today.”

Learn More About Senior Living at Friendship Village of Bloomington

“I wish I would have done this sooner,” is a comment we regularly hear after residents have settled in at Friendship Village of Bloomington. And it’s not just the high-end services and amenities that they appreciate—it’s the other residents and compassionate team members they engage with everyday.

Contact us or complete the form below to learn more about life at Friendship Village of Bloomington.

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