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Assistive Technology for Seniors to Make the Most of Retirement

Technology and daily life are more interconnected than ever, and for many older adults, this integration has become indispensable. Connection online brings convenience and independence for those willing to utilize it. For seniors, it’s become an essential part of modern living. 

If you’re wondering what technology pairs well with your ideal lifestyle, use this guide to help determine your best technological match. Whether you want to enhance your daily life, maintain independence, track progress toward your personal goals, or simply stay connected with loved ones, here are some ways modern assistive technology can help.

Staying Connected and Sharp

Technology makes many aspects of daily life easier, including access to loved ones. Thanks to social media apps and video calling platforms, keeping up with even cross-country friends and family is a breeze these days. And for those interested in keeping their minds as sharp as their social lives, there’s plenty of assistive technology available for that, too.

Reducing Isolation with Social Media and Video Calling

Isolation can be an issue for seniors, but with video calling apps such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom, it’s much simpler to maintain relationships across miles. Learning to use video calling platforms can transform how you interact with the world, from engaging more often with closest friends to engaging with the community at large. For instance, imagine attending your grandchild’s first piano recital despite being states away, or having a weekly “cocktail hour” with a childhood friend who lives across the country.

Building Brain Power with Apps and Games

Social wellness is, of course, only part of the puzzle. Mental acuity and agility is crucial as well. With brain training games and online apps that are designed to make staying mentally sharp engaging and fun, you can enhance your cognitive function with just a few short moments each day. Many apps designed to help build memory, reasoning skills, and other cognitive functions are also built to grow with you over time, keeping the games offered challenging and novel even after months of play. Play sudoku online or train your brain daily with apps like Elevate, that let you target areas of interest from sticky language concepts to quick math and more.

Your Health and Wellness Journey, Online

For many seniors, health-focused technology offers an exciting new world, introducing fitness and mindfulness into everyday routines with ease. Wearable devices like smartwatches or rings that track your vital signs offer valuable health data that you can review on your phone. Additionally, fitness apps offer personalized exercise plans to help meet your unique fitness goals and needs. This potent combination of data and personalization allows seniors to prioritize and enjoy keeping up with their health. 

Monitoring Health with Wearable Devices

Recent years have seen major advancements in health and fitness tracking technology. Smart watches, especially, have revolutionized personal healthcare management. These devices can monitor your vital signs, track activity levels and types, and even detect falls, alerting family members or emergency services if needed. 

Healthcare technology has also come a long way. Now, seniors can schedule and conduct visits with primary care providers and even specialists all via video call for routine and minor concerns. There’s practically a whole health management universe at your fingertips.  

Remember to consult your primary care doctor or another physician before starting up any new fitness routine to avoid injury or any other issues, especially if it’s one you found online.

Smart Living Enhances Independence

The advent of smart home technology has turned modern conveniences into an accessible luxury. With voice assistants and automated systems, you can create efficiencies in your home to manage tasks, save energy, and enhance your personal comfort, all without lifting a finger. When employed and set up correctly, smart home technology can help seniors live more independently, longer, too.

Using Smart Home Technology

Make household management simple with voice assistants that integrate seamlessly with smart lights, appliances, and more. Each instance of smart home technology can be customized for safety and convenience, combining maximum comfort with necessary safety precautions. Additionally, most smart home technology can also be adapted to work with your daily schedule, adjusting light levels day and night. These powerful features support independence and empower seniors to maintain their comfort and safety from the palm of their hand. For example, you can set your home lights to dim or turn off after you’re safely in bed, or turn lights on before you take a middle of the night trip to the bathroom. 

Entertainment and Engagement Online

If it’s entertainment you’re after, the digital world offers it in spades — and then some. Streaming services, digital libraries, and online communities focused on shared interests offer endless entertainment and social engagement. Rewatch your favorite series from years past or find recommendations based on your past viewing habits to discover a new favorite, join a virtual book club or discuss your hobbies with those who are as passionate about crocheting, gardening, or photography as you. 

Find Your Ideal Retirement Experience at Friendship Village of Bloomington

Though integrating technology and engaging in online enrichment provide a plethora of exciting opportunities for seniors, nothing benefits physical and mental health as much as community living.

We invite you to explore everything daily life at Friendship Village of Bloomington has to offer. A luxurious and inviting community nestled in Bloomington, Minnesota, we have everything you need to live a rich, fulfilling life every day. From a lively social calendar to resort-style amenities that make discovering your next adventure easy, it’s no wonder so many seniors love to call Friendship Village of Bloomington home. If you want to learn more, contact us for more information.

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