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Tips to Decorate a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

If you’re getting ready to move to a senior living community, it’s a good idea to do some pre-planning on what you’ll need and what will fit best in your new place.  Chances are, it will be smaller than what you’re used to. But the good news is, modern one-bedroom senior apartments are filled with thoughtful features to help create a cozy and convenient living arrangement. To help you make the most of your new space, here are 5 tips for how to decorate a senior apartment to make it inviting and comfortable.

1. Mind the Measurements

If possible, ask permission to visit your new apartment (or a comparable one) to take measurements and snap a few photos (walls, hallways, closets, windows, etc.). A visit can also help spark decorating ideas, so take along a loved one or friend to brainstorm. Whether you’re able to measure or not, you can always ask for a floor plan with square footage details. The more information you have ahead of time, the easier it will be to plan how to decorate a small space and decide the ideal placement of furniture, rugs, closet storage items, etc.

Senior woman sitting enjoying coffee in her apartment

2. Start Fresh with Furnishings

If you’re moving out of a house or a larger apartment, your substantial bedroom set, and extra-long living room couch won’t be practical. That said, when you consider how to decorate a senior apartment, keep in mind that scaling down doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. This is the perfect time to pass the breakfront down to an appreciative family member or donate pieces to a needy family. Then grab a friend or loved one and hit the stores to shop for new smaller-scale furniture pieces. Be on the lookout for furnishings that include clever storage features, which will be beneficial in your new apartment.

3. Get Space-Saving Savvy

While square footage is generally at a premium in an assisted living community or memory care apartment, the trick to how to decorate a senior apartment is to find creative ways to maximize comfort and convenience. Putting your TV recliner at an angle in the corner is a great space saver. And consider swapping out that bulky side table and lamp next to your reading chair with a slim floor lamp/ attached tray table combo. It will take up far less space and you’ll still have a handy surface to rest a book and your morning coffee.

4. Convert to Vertical

As you explore how to decorate a senior apartment, the question of how and where to store everything will be crucial. Here’s where vertical space is your friend. Not only can it help save space, but it also helps reduce tripping hazards because there will be less negotiating around excess furniture. Consider replacing a horizontal dresser with a highboy. Use over-the-door shelving systems or hang a storage organizer from the pole in the closet. To keep bulkier essentials like paper goods, snacks, etc., out of sight, choose tall slim cabinets with doors.

Bedroom inside of a senior apartment

5. Mind the Mementos

Sometimes, parting with years of mementos can be the toughest challenge of all. You can ease the move into a senior living community apartment by planning a day to reminisce and reduce. Make it a special occasion and have loved ones join in. Choose selected items to take with you, then make a gift of the remaining items to family members. Including a paragraph about the people in a photo or the meaning of a memento will create cherished heirlooms for later generations.

Decorating tips aside, the goal is to create a space that will feel like home. Keep it airy, yet cozy, and ensure it allows natural light to stream in. It should also have a sense of the familiarity we all cherish in our surroundings. If you follow these tried-and-true suggestions about how to decorate a senior apartment, the experience can be pleasurable and stress-free. Just picture yourself relaxing in your new apartment with everything perfectly arranged and perfectly comfortable!

Let’s Get Started

Here at Friendship Village of Bloomington, we’ve done our best to make the move easier for everyone involved. Our floor plans provide opportunities to make the space very personal and inviting. If you’d like a little more guidance, take a moment to complete the form below and one of our team members will reach out to answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to have you become a member of our community!

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