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A Step Above: Amenities & Services That Set Friendship Village of Bloomington Apart

When deciding where to spend your golden years, it’s important to step back and look at the whole picture. Finding the right senior living community is about more than just a living space. You need to be part of a community where you can live a purposeful life. The residents of Friendship Village of Bloomington were all looking for exactly that, and found it in a community that places an emphasis on providing services and amenities that promote an active lifestyle.

A Community to Call Your Own in Bloomington, Minnesota

Located in Bloomington, near Minneapolis, Friendship Village of Bloomington has been serving seniors for more than 40 years. We’ve been a premier senior living community for decades in large part because of our location, which allows residents to live surrounded by a natural setting while never being far from the dining, shopping and entertainment options of the big city. Our community offers a wide variety of services and amenities, but we’re especially proud of our on-site health center, which has been named among the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

The Friendship Village of Bloomington Difference

When you name a community Friendship Village, you better live up to the name. Not only have we built a community where residents can foster genuine connections with their neighbors, but we also provide them with opportunities to get the most out of life. Our engaging activities and thoughtful amenities are designed to enrich residents’ lives and make every day purposeful and fulfilling.

Dine Like a “Regular”

Have you ever dined at a restaurant where the server knew your name and the chef remembered how you like your steak prepared? If not, our talented culinary team at Friendship Village of Bloomington is prepared to offer you the opportunity to experience it for yourself in our restaurants. You can stop in for a coffee or grab something to go at our Fruit N’ Nut Cafe, or enjoy a sit-down dinner with friends at one of our two on-site restaurants.

Did we also mention there is a lounge where you can meet friends for drinks? We’ve got you covered from breakfast to post-dinner drinks, with a friendly face to greet you.

Amenities for an Active & Engaged Lifestyle

Are you a golfer? Because residents at Friendship Village of Bloomington have access to not only a nine-hole outdoor putting green, but also a golf simulator that can transport users to more than 40 courses from around the world. If you’re not a golfer, our community has plenty to offer you, too. Perhaps you’d like to swim a few laps in our indoor pool, relax in one of our lounges, or tap into your creative side in our art studio. No matter what your interests are, Friendship Village of Bloomington has amenities to help make every day feel fulfilling.

Programs to Stay Fit & Healthy

Physical fitness is essential as you grow older, which is why Friendship Village of Bloomington takes a proactive approach to ensuring our residents have access to comprehensive health and wellness programs. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we believe in tailoring our programs to the personal needs and goals of each individual. Our goal is to work with you to develop a road map for the future that promotes healthy living.

Living a Fulfilling Life at Friendship Village of Bloomington

If Friendship Village of Bloomington sounds like a place you could call home, pay us a visit! You are welcome to attend one of our events, chat with our residents and explore our community to take in all of the amenities and services we have to offer.

To schedule your visit, fill out the form below or call 952-831-7500.

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