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How to Show Support on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a celebration to honor America’s military veterans and service members. It takes place each year on Nov. 11 and there are many ways to commemorate the occasion. At Friendship Village of Bloomington, we proudly recognize the patriotism and love of country displayed by our residents and team members who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

While people choose to celebrate Veterans Day in different ways, we wanted to highlight some of the ways that we either plan to or have acknowledged the holiday in previous years.

Commemorative Actions

There are many ways you can show your appreciation for those who have served or get out and celebrate the day with servicemen and servicewomen on Veterans Day.

Attend a Veterans Day Event

There are a lot of special events, activities and celebrations that take place on Veterans Day each year. Official city websites, such as the City of Bloomington website, often showcase upcoming events. Meanwhile, your local American Legion chapter is a great place to connect with other veterans and learn about activities planned to take place on the day. For those outside of the Bloomington, Minnesota area, you can find your post via the American Legion website.

Donate Money or Volunteer

Volunteering your time, or donating money if you have the means, to help out service organizations that support those who have served or are currently serving our country is a great way to show your appreciation on Veterans Day. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Legion websites are good starting points for volunteer and donation opportunities.

If you are considering donating money to a charitable organization that supports veterans, it’s important to first evaluate the charity you are giving your hard-earned money to. There are a number of websites dedicated to evaluating charitable organizations. They include:

With a little time and patience, you can be confident your donation will support veterans in the best way possible. It can also be helpful to discuss donation options with friends and family.

Fly the American Flag

What better time to fly the flag in all of its glory than Veterans Day? Just make sure  that your flag is in decent condition for display ahead of the big day. Military.com’s guide to the flag is a helpful resource for those who may have questions about how to properly display the American flag.

Ask About Someone’s Story or Tell Your Own

Senior living communities, such as Friendship Village of Bloomington, are full of interesting people with lots of impactful stories. We encourage our military veteran residents to share their own personal stories in honor of Veterans Day. If you are not a veteran, asking someone who is about their experience is a kind gesture that goes a long way toward celebrating the day.

In-Person Opportunities

Veterans Wall Celebration at Civic Plaza

Every year the Community Outreach and Engagement team at the City of Bloomington hosts events during the month of November to honor veterans and active duty military personnel. In 2021, the celebration includes a veterans wall ceremony at Civic Plaza. We encourage veterans and their families and friends to share images and stories for inclusion on the veterans wall.

Support a Veteran-Owned Business

Today there are more than 327,000 veterans living in Minnesota. Many of them are actively involved in the community as friends, neighbors and business owners. One of the most direct ways you can support veterans is using your shopping dollars at their establishments.

Get Outside With a Veteran

Admission to national parks is free for all visitors on Veterans Day. However, you don’t have to travel far from Friendship Village of Bloomington to spend some quality time outdoors. There are several great local parks nearby where you can spend time with someone who has served.

Virtual Opportunities

Even if you are unable to get out to celebrate Veterans Day in-person, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday online through video chats and virtual volunteer efforts.

Volunteer Your Time Online

If you prefer to volunteer your time virtually, consider checking out Operation Gratitude and other organizations that allow you to show your support for deployed troops and veterans. Operation Gratitude emphasizes sending handmade items and personal letters to show encouragement.

Schedule a Video Call

In recent years, advancements in video conferencing technology “” such as Zoom, Google Meet and Skype “” have made reaching out to friends and family members easier than ever before. If you are unable to visit the veterans or active duty military members in your life, a quick phone call or email is all it takes to arrange a video call to show your appreciation and support for them.

Building Community at Friendship Village

At Friendship Village of Bloomington our residents and team members have a strong sense of community, especially when it comes to celebrating holidays like Veterans Day. We support all of our residents “” including our veteran residents “” to live independently for as long as possible.

If you would like to learn more about what life at Friendship Village of Bloomington looks like for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you.

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